kiss the gook

art by Nancy Ahn

Crushing It

Nancy Ahn

The New York City Department of Transportation selected my design to be painted onto the concrete bike lane barriers south of Brooklyn Bridge Park as part of their spring 2016 Barrier Beautification program.

Crushing It features 8-bit style images of yellow bananas and rupees over a sky blue background. These items appear in classic video games as prizes rewarded to the player simply upon passing them - often in a fast-paced, freewheeling frenzy.

Evoking the same feelings of effortless fun and satisfaction from winning these items in a video game, these prizes are "collected" by cyclists cruising down the bike lane.

Images courtesy of NYCDOT

Crushing It is now on view along the 1000ft length of Columbia St between Atlantic Ave and Congress St, across from Van Voorhees Park in Brooklyn, New York. Special thanks to New York Cares and the many kind volunteers who helped bring this project to life.

Let's ride bikes!